Weekend Wayfarer: Los Trancos Open Space Preserve

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Nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Los Trancos Open Space Preserve provides many different hiking trails. To get to the park, just keep driving on Page Mill Road past Foothills Park and you will eventually hit Los Trancos.


Fog coming up over the clearing.

Los Trancos is a 2.7 mile loop, with trails enjoyable for hikers of all skill levels. It is filled with many loops and fun trails. One trail to take is the Page Mill Road Trail; you will find this by taking the Francsican Loop Trail and following the signs to the Lost Creek Loop Trail. Page Mill Road trail is also a loop, weaving in and out of the trees throughout the hike. The trail offers a lot of biodiversity, you get to be alittle bit in the moist woods in one moment, and in the next you are hiking through dry, yellow fields. If you go at the right time, you can even catch the fog trapped in the valley. Be careful though, this trail can actually take you all the way back down to Foothills Park into another much larger loop. Either way, whether you are feeling a longer or shorter hike, there are plenty of different loops that take you back to the parking lot. 


The trail winding through the trees.

If you are looking for a shorter hiker, the Franciscan Loop Trail is a 1.3 mile loop, while the Lost Creek Trail to Page Mill Road, is over two miles long. Most of this trail is deep in the forest, with trees and huge rocks covered in moss, and mushrooms growing on the sides of the trail. The trail has a cool, mysterious bridge and many fallen trees along the side of the path. I liked this trail because I felt completely surrounded in nature with the trees, rocks, and bushes everywhere.


The preserve also features the San Andreas Fault Line, but make sure to keep a close eye out for it as it is harder to find than you might think. The fault is indicated on the trail maps so you will know exactly where to look. 


Almost no one is on the trails in Los Trancos, which makes it one of the most relaxing places to hike, especially because you do not have to worry about COVID.You are completely detached from society with fresh air and the smell of the woods, making a place you definitely don’t want to miss. 


To learn more about Los Trancos Open Space Preserve, visit their website. 

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