A Picturesque Prom Night at City Hall

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Written by Emily Buck and Ella Bohmann Farrell

On Friday night, students attended M-A’s annual prom held at San Francisco’s City Hall. The chilly weather didn’t dampen the spirits of students as they dined and danced. After two years without a typical prom due to COVID, this highly anticipated event proved to be a great success!

Students admire the architecture and scenery at City Hall

The extravagant venue definitely fit the Black-Tie theme. Upon arrival, the face of the building was illuminated with green lights to celebrate Earth day. Many took advantage of the beautiful architecture of City Hall by taking photos on the grand staircase in the middle of the dance floor. Leadership teacher Michael Amoroso said, “This venue was actually booked back in 2019 pre-COVID, so I am thoroughly excited to be here.”

There were also many non-dancing activities that students enjoyed throughout the night including a game room, a banquet room, and photo booths. A highlight was a 360 video camera where students could take videos with friends. For refreshments, students enjoyed a crepe bar and a variety of drinks such as shirley temples.

Junior Sofia Preston said, “I liked the fact that we were able to dance in the main room and have a crepe area and game room for those with uncomfy shoes like me.”

Senior and junior prom court winners

Towards the end of the night, the junior and senior prom court was announced. Junior winners were Lauren Van Stralen, Grant Zell, Alec Martin, and Becca Shulman. Senior winners were Will Rauen, Alanna Stevenson, Isabelle Stid, and Memo Portugal. 

The night ended off with some slower songs such as Ed Sheeran’s Perfect, which gave couples a moment on the dance floor. Students turned their phone lights on to illuminate the space during Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, creating a special atmosphere. 

The picture-perfect night was a great way to prepare for the end of the year and for seniors, the end of their journey at M-A. Juniors and seniors celebrated the night together one last time before the seniors graduate and part ways.

Students illuminate the dance floor during Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

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Emily Buck was a senior at M-A and Editor-in-Chief. She enjoyed writing about events happening at M-A, sports, as well as issues in the surrounding community. In her free time, Emily liked traveling, drawing, and biking.

Ella Bohmann Farrell was a senior at M-A and Editor-in-Chief. She enjoyed writing about controversies on campus and civic issues. She enjoyed that Journalism provides her with a creative outlet. When she wasn't on M-A’s campus, she enjoyed playing tennis, painting, and traveling.

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