Bear Bites: Chuck’s Donuts

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Located at 801 Woodside Rd, Chuck’s Donuts is a restaurant known for its sweet treats and nostalgic feel, and the overall atmosphere is reminiscent of a cozy 1950s diner. Brown paneling and tiles add to the retro vibe. 

Another blast from the past; until recently, the store only took cash. Now they also accept Venmo and Zelle, but an ATM is still up for those who need it. However, they still don’t take card.

Chuck’s is most renowned for its hours. Open 24/7, customers are able to get a sweet treat any time of the day (or night). There aren’t many restaurants in this area open that late, but Chuck’s is thankfully one of the few.

Chuck’s Interior, and infamous box towers

Pink donut boxes on counters and tables stack to the ceiling, and the donuts themselves—which are all made in-house—are displayed behind a glass case. In addition to serving delicious donuts and coffee, the establishment also serves as a community hub where people meet regularly. 

Junior Samira Menjivar has been going since she was a little girl. “I’ve always wanted to knock down the box towers,” she told me. “Chuck’s brings people together and sort of serves as a hub of our community. I typically go there with my family and friends.”

Chuck’s also offers gluten-friendly and vegan options, as well as an assortment of hearty breakfast options. Junior Beth Hyde said, “I love the breakfast. The sandwiches are super rad and the eggs are super fluffy.” 

The man behind the counter declined to share his name but told me he’d been working there for 11 years. He said, “Chuck’s is a small, family-owned business,” and that they make all the donuts in-house.

He also said they get more business later at night, and said, “[The] biggest rush is usually around 3 am; that’s when the donuts are the freshest. Sometimes we get a line out the door.” 

I visited the establishment twice, once at three in the afternoon and once at eleven at night, to validate his testimony. True to his word, it was far more lively later in the night, the place hopping with customers. 

Plain Donut $2.00 9/10 

Basic but blissful, it’s clear that this donut is a classic. It was sweet, fluffy, and aromatic. Great with coffee and on its own. 

Apple Fritter $4.00 8/10

The apple fritter and Ube donut

The apple fritter was crispy and chewy, chock full of apple slices and spices, and covered with a thin, shiny glaze. It was a bit dry, so I recommend complementing it with a cup of coffee from their expansive drink menu. 

Ube Donut $4.00 6/10

Their popular ube donut is popular for a reason. It’s purple inside and out, covered with an equally purple icing and a sprinkling of pistachio. It had a super smooth texture and tasted just like ube, a sweet yam from the Philippines. Ube isn’t my favorite flavoring, but for the ube lovers out there, this donut is a great choice. 

The maple bacon donut with the crème brûlée donut in the background

Crème Brûlée Donut $4.00 10/10 

Creamy and crunchy, this pastry creates the perfect contrast. The crème brûlée donut is covered in a layer of blow-torched sugar that forms a crust around it. Its filling was a sweet vanilla icing. This was the highlight of my night.

Maple Bacon Donut $4.50 10/10

This donut, like the restaurant, was an oldie but a goodie. The pastry itself was simple, and the toppings stole the show. The maple glazes tastes like authentic maple syrup, nutty and sweet, and was complemented wonderfully by the savory crisps of real bacon covering the top.  

Vegan Pistachio Donut $4.00 7/10

Pistachio donut in a chai latte- a surprisingly pleasant combo

As someone who isn’t vegan, I usually avoid vegan pastries for fear of their often dense texture, but I was delighted that the vegan pistachio donut was still fluffy and had a texture as nice as that of the other, non-vegan donuts. Though I enjoyed the texture and found that the sprinkling of pistachio nuts on top was a blast, I felt that the donut itself didn’t have a very strong pistachio flavor. 

Chai Latte $3.00 8/10

Though the drink was a bit sweet for my liking, it did its job nonetheless. It had a pretty solid flavor and was perfectly warm and frothy. It paired super well with donuts and is a great choice for those who don’t drink coffee. 

Overall, I really enjoyed Chucks and will definitely be coming back for more!

Mackenzie is a junior at M-A and in her first year of journalism. She’s interested in writing about a variety of topics, especially those concerning our community here at school. She enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, doing art, and participating in theatre.

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