Design Your Dream House In Architecture

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Are you looking for an elective full of creativity and independent work time? M-A’s Architecture course covers this and more. With loose project requirements and a focus on the fundamentals, this class gives students an appreciation for the buildings around them.

Architecture teacher Mark Leeper said, “I think for a lot of people Architecture is a nice change from other classes because you’re working on your own project at your own pace. It’s a nice learning environment.”

Seniors Mia Banks and Mezzy Epidendio working on their small cabin design projects.

Students first learn the components that make up a floor plan, including the meanings of different kinds of lines and how to demonstrate spacing. Then, learning from architects’ work, the students map out a simple floor plan that has already been created, figuring out the exact measurements themselves. “I definitely learned a lot more about the math that goes into a project, and trying to find proportions,” said junior Jayla Marie. “My sketching skills also improved, because you need to have legibility in your writing.”

As the year and the course progress, students begin to have more freedom with their designs: brainstorming and designing their ideal houses themselves. Senior Mia Banks said, “Mr. Leeper is a really helpful teacher. He helps you navigate the harder parts of Architecture, but leaves the brainstorming up to us, so we get to make really creative designs.”

“I like seeing people grow and understand the discipline, and then use all that knowledge to create their own designs,” said Leeper. “One of my favorite projects to assign is the small living space cabin design, which students are working on now. It’s their first real design project, and this class especially has gotten really excited about it. It makes it easier to come to work.”

Echoing this statement, Marie said, “I would say my favorite project we’ve done is this one because there are so few guidelines. It’s fun because I get to use my own work instead of others’.”

Junior Ben Miyahara’s project floor plan.

Junior Maria Navarro said, “I would recommend the class to anyone who doesn’t really know what they want or what they’re doing because it’s a really good introductory class.”

Additionally, junior Ben Miyahara, who’s been in Architecture for two years now, said, “I’d recommend the class to anyone who wants to do something creative or interesting.”

If this sounds like you, make sure to sign up for Architecture during your course selection appointment! Stop by S-6 with any questions for Leeper.

Sidney Loftman was a senior at M-A. She was excited to learn more about the process of producing journalism articles, as well as the events that surround her local community. Sidney spent her free time with her friends, at swim practice, and creating art.

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