Lack of Mirrors in Bathrooms Upsets Students

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Out of the twelve bathrooms on M-A’s campus, only eight currently have mirrors. In those bathrooms, students can’t look at themselves when they want to touch up makeup or fix their appearance during school. 

Sophomore Alli Schindler said, “A couple weeks ago, one of my contacts fell out in class. I went to the bathroom to put it back in, but I had a really hard time finding a bathroom with a mirror. It is concerning that there is such a big lack of mirrors in bathrooms on campus.” 

Freshman Aoife Baily said, “Not having mirrors in the bathrooms is really annoying because I can’t see what I look like before I go to class, and that’s something that matters to me.” She continued, “If they put some mirrors in the bathrooms, it would help others see if they have something stuck in their teeth, or help them to look presentable and ready for the rest of the school day.”    

Junior Lainey Egnal also shared her frustrations with the lack of mirrors. She said, “Without mirrors, we don’t know if we look atrocious or not. Personally, it’s really important that when I go to class I look nice. If they put the mirrors back, it would really boost people’s confidence because they know that they look and feel great at school.” 

“When you’re going to football games, it’s especially important to have access to mirrors around campus,” added junior Aliyah Chowdharry-Fitton. “There are almost no mirrors in bathrooms, which is inconvenient when you want to see what you look like after games. As a dancer who performs at these games, I want to know what I look like after performing, and I don’t have access to mirrors to check that.” 

Although having no mirrors may be annoying to some, sophomore Sofia Vuchic thinks that it’s beneficial to students. She explained, “Not having mirrors in the bathrooms can help boost people’s confidence. Most people only go to the bathroom to look at themselves, which I think is taking away from class time. I think not having mirrors also makes the bathroom more open, because there isn’t a line to use them.”

Micaela is a sophomore at M-A. This is her first year in journalism, and is excited to write about different issues and events at M-A. In her free time, she likes to dance and spend time with friends and family.

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