M-A Chronicle Wrapped: Gems from 2022

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Since the school year began in August, the M-A Chronicle staff has published over 250 articles. With such a consistent flow of campus and local news, great stories can quickly become hidden. Cheers to the great work to come in 2023—in the meantime, here are some of the highlights from this semester: 

  1. M-A welcomed nearly 20 new teachers this year, and we interviewed seven of them on what brought them to teaching, M-A, and their subjects.
  2. Transfer students from private schools spoke on their hopes about public school and why they chose to transfer. 
  3. School clubs set up ofrendas and held performances to celebrate Día de los Muertos. For the first time, they held the celebration after school.
  4. The District is taking action to renovate our 35-year-old bleachers, making them more accessible and spacious. 
  5. The demand for 504 plans has been on the rise—learn about the benefits, the process of getting a 504, and why so many students have one.
  6. We detailed a day as a chef at La Biscotteria, an Italian bakery known for its specialty biscotti, as well as the store’s own history. 
  7. AP World History replaced AP European History as the advanced history class for sophomores. 
  8. An Op-Ed called for paid time off for teachers observing religious holidays
  9. The pep band added their own flavor to football games this fall, filling the stands with songs like “Fight Song” and “Another One Bites the Dust.”
  10. M-A Drama put on a shining production of Peter and the Starcatcher.
  11. The B-Wing faced a rat issue, causing one teacher to temporarily move across campus. 
  12. Due to decreased interest in the course, M-A didn’t offer AP Spanish Literature this year. The course is on an indefinite hiatus. 
  13. M-A’s new lunch system caused long lines and limited students’ free lunches. 
  14. While it’s easy to think we’re the center of our own universe, these space facts prove otherwise and put our lives into perspective.
  15. Starbucks received an honest rating of their various cold foam flavors, from chocolate to pumpkin cream. 
  16. AP Literature students on team Women’s Weapons won the 2022 Lear Pong tournament
  17. This year’s senior class has a handful of athletes who are simply out of their league—read about fall sports commits and their athletic journeys. 
  18. We told the story of Samovar, a local Eastern European grocery store, and its beginnings as a bookstore. 
  19. M-A’s music program showed off its talents at the November concert
  20. A spotlight on M-A’s Computer Academy emphasized the power of community and mentorship.
  21. The new 8:30 a.m. school start time requirement that forced M-A to change its schedule left unexpected consequences on elementary and middle schools across the state. 
  22. Menlo Park bike accidents affected local students and raised concerns about bike safety. 
  23. Local middle schools Hillview and La Entrada joined forces to perform at Menlo Park’s Halloween Parade. 
  24. The M-A Genders and Sexualities Alliance observed and spread awareness about Transgender Day of Remembrance
  25. M-A gave TIDE Academy athletes the option of playing for M-A teams.

Megan Lam is a senior and a first-year journalist. They are excited to further their writing skills this year and contribute stories about issues relevant to the M-A community. Megan enjoys spending time with friends in their free time, and they have been on M-A's badminton team since freshman year.

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