Seniors Slip ‘N Slide Their Way out of M-A

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written by Katie Doran and Sheryl Chen

Last Friday, May 27th, M-A’s seniors gave their last hurrah with a senior prank to end their final day of school. Starting near the end of fifth period, seniors gathered on the Green for a massive water balloon fight, followed by a Slip ‘N Slide, and lastly, a surprise dip in the pool. 

The day of shenanigans started off with a grade-wide water balloon fight on the Green to kick off summer. Senior Joseph Mustafa was one of the seniors who organized it. He explained, “I bought a super big pack of water balloons from Costco with my friend a while back, and we left them in the car until we decided on a good day to use them. So before the water slide was set up, we filled up all the balloons and had a water balloon fight on the Green.” 

Continuing the water fun, seniors followed up with a Slip ‘N Slide. Senior Matt Macleod said, “Some people brought soap, we knew there was a hose on the Green, and someone brought a tarp to slide on. We just got to Slip ‘N Sliding and had a lot of fun instead of going to class.”

The Slip ‘N Slide seemed to not be enough, because a few minutes later, a crowd of shirtless seniors ran across campus to jump into the pool. One student jumped the fence, letting all the others in.

Macleod added, “The rumor on the street is that one person just yelled ‘to the pool’ and then everyone took off. You know how it is—no one wants to miss out, so one person goes, then another, and then another, and then the whole senior class. I did eventually get to the pool and found a lot of people enjoying a nice swim.” 

Junior Annika Kaval said that between fifth and sixth period, people seemed to be “in general having a good time.” When seniors started running to the pool, she said, “I’m pretty sure that part was unplanned and not part of the original senior prank. I was really surprised by the idea to go to the pool, but I think emotions were high on campus and people may have gotten carried away.”

As for how Administration and school staff responded, Macleod said, “I didn’t stick around to find out. They seemed pretty cool with the Slip ‘N Slide, and even Rob [a campus aide] went on it, but I don’t think they were too happy with the pool. They quickly kicked people out of it.”

Katie Doran is a senior and an Editor-in-Chief of the M-A Chronicle. In journalism, Katie has enjoyed being able to direct their own research on issues and events related to the M-A community. She is also involved in M-A's debate team and is interested in law, politics, and social issues. In their free time, Katie likes to read, bake, paint, and hang out with friends.

Sheryl Chen is a senior and Editor-in-Chief. She hopes to expand her knowledge on issues pertinent to M-A and the local community. She is also a member of M-A's debate team.

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