Wednesday: A Review of the Modern Addams Family

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Netflix released Wednesday, a spin-off series of the original Addams Family movies, this November. The series follows Wednesday Addams, a troublesome kid sent off to Nevermore Academy where her parents went. While she’s there, she attempts to master her psychic ability, prevents a killing spree, and discovers her parents’ darkest secret: that they were a part of a murder that took place while they were students. Wednesday is the #1 Netflix series in 83 countries worldwide! Its namesake is played by former Disney star Jenna Ortega and the movie features Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the original movies. I’ve watched the show several times and it’s worth it for Wednesday’s character journey. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in horror-related themes. I give the series a 10/10. 

Here are M-A students’ reviews on this hit show:

“Overall, the series was great,” senior Rosie Yuya said. “I went in blind because I didn’t know what the plot was about at first. Jenna Ortega did a really good job with her character. I’m watching it a second time now, after I found out who the monster was. There was a lot of foreshadowing happening and then I was like, ‘Oh my God, did I miss that? It was so obvious.’ But it was an awesome series. It was fun, kind of like a thriller. It’s my kind of genre and I enjoyed Wednesday’s character development by hugging Enid at the end. I love their friendship and the atmosphere. I’d definitely rate it a 10/10.”

Junior Ziomora Navarro said, “From my point of view,  I love the series because it represents Mexican culture more than the first Addams Family. The original version was based on white culture instead.  I loved how Ortega represented Mexican people.  It’s special to me when I see my culture represented. It’s nice how they included Día De Los Muertos because they didn’t talk about that in the first movie. I also liked how they added some realism to it, like how they choreographed the dance. I was surprised by who the monster was.  I’m a real sucker for dark turns where the innocent person is the monster. I’d give it a solid 8/10.”

“I really enjoyed it,” senior Megan Ronan said. “I liked how there were so many twists and turns throughout the whole show, and I wasn’t expecting who the monster was. I give it a 10/10 because it’s very creative and even though I’ve watched the original Addams Family movies, I was not expecting it to be like that. I highly recommend this to anyone who hasn’t watched it yet.” 

Senior Nadia Ruiz said, “I thought the series was really well done considering some other things that have come out recently—I’ve been disappointed. But Tim Burton is always an amazing director, and especially with the casting, and I love that the family is Latino. I think that’s so important in representation and just in general, and I think it was very well done. I thought the monster was Dr. Kimbott the whole time, but I was surprised and a bit disappointed. It’s very well done, and I do recommend it. I rate it a 9/10.” 

“I really liked it,” senior Eden Fisher said. “I thought it was a good remake. And I think Jenna Ortega definitely does a good job. I liked the boat racing scene. I’d give it a solid 8.5/10.” 

“I think it was a good series,” sophomore Sofia Basso said. “I think it was great how they tried their best to make it not just about how the Addams Family was like in the past, but they also brought in new topics of discussion. I’d rate it a 10, obviously, it was a good show.  Jenna Ortega did a great job. I can’t wait for season two. ” 

“I enjoyed it,” sophomore Kate Barker said. “I thought the plot was nice. It was a little predictable, but it was enjoyable. I didn’t expect Tyler to be the monster, but I wasn’t surprised. Someone close to her being the enemy didn’t come as a huge shock. I didn’t think the CGI for the Hyde was good. I literally laughed at it every time it came on screen. I liked all the episodes, but I really liked the way they started out the first episode with the murder so it wasn’t a slow build. One thing I wasn’t too sure about was that in the original Addams Family, Wednesday is a sociopath and feels no emotions so the idea of her developing emotions doesn’t necessarily make sense to me. I am hoping that in the next season, they will give an explanation.  I would rate it a solid eight and would definitely watch it again.” 

Junior Meena Alvi said, “I thought it was really interesting and a very modern take on The Addams Family. I thought Wednesday’s character was really adaptable, I thought that it was also a different take since she was older and more tapped into her personality.  I would rate it a nine because there are some aspects of gore. But other than that it was extremely well made. The casting was great and each character was able to shine in the series.” 

“I think the series was okay,” junior Sarah Larson said. “I liked Wednesday as a character and the dynamic between her and Enid, but I didn’t love the love triangle they had going on. It felt forced and it felt out of character for Wednesday to want romance of any sort. I’ve heard a lot of people say they don’t like it because it doesn’t feel true to the original Addams Family but I still think it’s a decent story and show overall, and I like most of the characters. I would rate it a seven.” 

Senior Kiely Tabaldo said, “The series was really cool. It was really entertaining. Jenna Ortega is a pretty good actress. I’d rate it a 10 because it was sick and I recommend it to everyone. I’m ready for season two.” 

“I thought it was a really great series,” senior Nicole Harris said. “There were great character dynamics between Enid and Wednesday.  I think one of my favorite episodes definitely had to be the dance episode because the choreography was really great. I like how Wednesday cares for her friends but she doesn’t make that overly clear. Overall, I just found it really easy to binge and I quite liked it. I like how it kept up with modern-day trends and was a lot easier for younger audiences to watch. I like the plot twists and going back to rewatch it, there’s a lot of foreshadowing now that is a lot more evident. I’d give a solid eight. There were some cliches that I was a little against, especially romance-wise and whatnot, but other than that it was pretty good. I highly recommend it. It’s definitely worth it.”

“It was fun to watch,” junior Camila Gallardo said. “I liked Wednesday’s dance. I had my suspicions of Tyler being the monster because it was weird that a human was in a school of people that have powers. I’d give it a 7.9. I hope that it has a second season.”

“I liked the first episode,” junior Ashlyn Roeder said. “They introduced Wednesday’s character really well, as someone who’s very protective but also doesn’t really want anyone to think that she’s protective. It also just was a really good introduction to the cast. And then also you got to see the Addams Family and it really sets up the show. I would rate it infinity out of 10.”  

Senior Vianca Lopez said, “I remember when Morticia and Gomez were young and you know they were in love, but then the stalker wanted to kill the people at the dance. But Morticia and Gomez were not going to let that slide, so they killed him. Morticia and Gomez were a cute couple when they were younger. I liked the entire series. I give it an 8.5. You know, screw Tyler. I didn’t know Tyler was going to end up like that.”  

“I really liked the series,” senior Maya Jhawar said. “I feel it was true to the character of  Wednesday Addams in the original show. The producers did a good job of making the audience root for someone who isn’t necessarily relatable or the ‘good guy.’ I liked that they cast Jenna Ortega as Wednesday and I liked that they made her Latina and incorporated that into the story in a clean and realistic way. I thought Wednesday really took advantage of Enid. I was surprised that Enid drew the line and moved out, since she really seemed like a doormat at first, but I was glad to see she made the right choice. The love triangle felt a little forced, because Wednesday doesn’t really seem to be a romantic character at all. I’d rate it an eight. I think that having Tim Burton as one of the producers was a wise choice despite his controversy over his insensitive racial comments. Tim Burton’s style is really evident in the show and I think it really adds to the show and the character. Though Jenna Ortega has said he’s very nit-picky, she seems to agree that having him on the show has paid off.”

Shakira Spencer is a senior and this is her first year in journalism. She wants to spread awareness in the community. She enjoys singing, and hanging out with friends.

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